Safety shoes are a must to many workplaces today. Due to hazards which include heavy objects, slippery surfaces, and such, safety shoes are necessary. Some construction and likes are even partnered with specific safety shoe distributors just to equip their employees with the proper personal protective equipment.

Due to this, the market of safety shoes as a whole and demand has been rising even under the global pandemic that we are in. The Safety shoe price differs and might cost double from one brand to another. You are to see some conventional and composite safety toe shoes on one and stylish safety shoes on the other.

What are Safety Shoes

You might not always think about what safety shoes are, and why they’re important. But these days, you need to be aware of the dangers around you. Whether it’s a moldy floor or a wet bathroom, there are all sorts of things that can make your work environment dangerous for you.

That’s where safety shoes come in! They will protect your feet from any hazards at work that could cause injury. And what’s even better news is that there are so many different types of safety shoes out there! From steel-toe boots to slip-resistant sneakers, find the best safety shoes for you and your job today.

Safety Shoes Market Overview

From the early days of the Industrial Revolution, safety footwear has been a staple in many industries. The first documented use of safety shoes was in 1873 by a Pittsburgh bootmaker who noticed some iron molders had no footwear.

They were wearing only socks and gripping the hot metal with their bare feet. In response, he invented an affordable leather shoe with steel toes and rubber soles. Since then, safety shoes have become increasingly popular and are now available to everyone from factory workers to international athletes.

Safety shoes are a standard issue for industrial workers in many countries, such as the United States, Canada, Australia, and Brazil.

According to a blog post published by, the Industrial Safety Footwear Market exceeded 9 billion dollars globally in 2019 and is expected to reach 14 billion dollars between 2000 and 2006.

The Industrial Safety Shoes Market is Segment into different categories including but not limited to:


  • Leather
  • Rubber
  • Plastic
  • Water Proof


  • Boots
  • Shoes


  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Oil & Gas
  • Chemicals
  • Transportation
  • Mining
  • Food
  • Pharmaceuticals

Safety shoes stores, warehouses, distributors, and others are found almost everywhere. There are safety shoe manufacturers in India, China, and more from Asia. The global market of safety shoes is analyzed geographically which also includes regions and countries like North America (US, Canada, Mexico), the Middle East, UEA (Dubai), Europe, and LAMEA.

Top Safety Shoes Manufacturers and Suppliers

There are many considerations when it comes to choosing the right pair of safety shoes for your needs. Some factors you may want to consider when selecting safety shoes for men include work type, climate, and tasks. But the most important consideration is how well they protect your feet. The best way to match up a shoe with your needs is by researching top safety shoes manufacturers and suppliers.

But we know you don’t have that time to do research on your own. That is why we have collected the top safety shoes companies that offer safety shoes for women and men alike. Listed below are safety shoe brands that offer workwear safety shoes, safety toe shoes, boots, and more for different industrial and workspace applications.

From manufacturing boots to supplying different regions, we are to know the background of every safety shoe company and why they are on the top list of everyone. These safety shoe brands lead the market in popularity and sales.

CROFT Safety Shoes

Croft started in 2005 by building their Chinese manufacturing workshop from scratch. This is where all Croft safety shoes are manufactured today. They are manned by the most experienced and talented craftsmen in the business. With this setup, standards and working conditions are kept under control by the company. That means the quality of the safety shoes is consistent.

The company is based in Australia together with their design team that travels across the world in sourcing materials including the finest leathers and textures. Croft safety shoes are made for comfort and accurate fitment.

Product Selection

  • Modern Pirate Boot
  • Casual Boots
  • Shoes

Croftshoes Homepage:

Modern Pirate Boots:

U-Power Safety Shoes

U-Power is a leading producer of safety shoes in Europe along with other brands under the U-Group. They are an Italian company together with Jallatte, Aimont, and Lupos. Today, U-Group in general is the number 1 company in Europe when it comes to sales and rankings.

U-Power is widely known for its variety of soles used in creating safety shoes including Vigorex that uses INFINERGY technology which features the return of walking energy.

Advantages of U-Power

  • Utilizing high-tech linings for foot respiration
  • Perforated toecaps of various materials for breathability
  • Produces safety shoes with Goretex
  • Wide range of sizes
  • Slip-resistant soles

Shoe Models

  • Sports shoes
  • Safety shoes
  • Industrial shoes
  • Casual
  • Sneakers
  • Health sectors

BETA Safety Shoes

BETA Work was launched back in 2002 with the purpose of bringing comfort to many professionals that are working under hazardous and critical conditions.

The brand’s safety footwear catalog is comprised of a range of professional shoes benefitting individuals that go for durability, high-quality, high performance, comfortable Italian-made models. You can also find tons of tools and other products for your projects under this brand.

Features of BETA Safety Footwear

  • Complies with EN ISO 20345:2011
  • Dual density and non-slip HRO rubber soles

BETA Safety Footwear Collections

  • Ankle and low shoes
  • Boots and sandals

Compatible to Applications

  • Manufacturing industry
  • Crafts
  • Building
  • Automotive and vehicle repair
  • Thermal-Hydraulics
  • Electrical Industry
  • Logistics and Service


BETA Safety Footwear:


Timberland Safety Shoes

It was in 1973 when Timberland was invented and was introduced as waterproof boots. Thanks to the innovative injection molding techniques, Timberland was able to resist all kinds of conditions and hazardous elements. This has set standards for other safety shoes manufacturer and boot makers since then.

Timberland is globally known for creating durable boots and safety shoes for men. The Timberland Pro work boots are both waterproof and feature insulated protection against elements in all given working conditions.

The company engineers their boots providing maximum comfort and safety for working across all sites. Their Pro series offers boots and safety work shoes made from different materials catering to different applications and giving specific benefits.

The Men’s Pro work shoes feature a variety of alloy safety toe work shoes. Other benefits of Timberland Pro Shoes

  • Slip-resistant rubber
  • Electrical insulation
  • Anti-fatigue technology

Timberland Pro Workwear

  • Work Boots
  • Work Shoes

Other Footwear

  • Boots
  • Sandals and slides
  • Shoes
  • Sneakers and Sneaker Boots
  • Ankle Boots
  • Waterproof Footwear

Timberland Homepage:

Timberland Pro:

About Us:

Rocky Boots Safety Shoes

Rocky is a world leader in premium-quality Outdoor, Work, Western, Public Service, and Military footwear as well as other outdoor and work apparel and accessories. Innovation, quality, and durability have been the hallmarks of the brand.

It was in 1932 where the duo FM and William Brooks set up a rent-free building with lent equipment in Nelsonville, Ohio. This is where the William Brooks Shoe Co. was born, which is now today known as the Rocky.

Rocky safety shoes and boots allow you to have an extra room so you can never feel too harsh on your feet. Compared to composite toe safety shoes, Rocky lightweight safety toe boots are surprisingly flexible.

Popular Men’s Style

  • Waterproof Boots
  • Military Boots
  • S2V
  • Rubber Boots


  • Work
  • Outdoor
  • Public Service
  • Western


  • Silent Hunter
  • Public Service
  • Rubber Boots

Kids Footwear

  • Outdoor
  • Western


History of Rocky:

COFRA Safety Shoes

Cofra is another top producer of safety shoes and PPE that originated in Italy. The company was established back in 1938 by Ruggiero. Started as a small workshop, Cofra shoes are manufactured using tires of military trucks for the soles and military uniforms for the upper.

The passion of the founder transforms the small workshop turning it into a company that is capable of producing hundreds of pairs per day and distributing them all over Italy.

It is in 2003 when Cofra begins to be an international safety shoe manufacturer and expand its scope outside the EU. These include the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Australia, Canada, and the USA.

Cofra safety shoes and boots have all the benefits and feature a worker can ask for.

Benefits and Features

  • Toe Caps exceeding impact and compression ASTM F2413-18 I/C standards
  • Puncture resistant footwear that meets ASTM F2413-18 PR standards
  • Electric hazard protection – STM F2413-18 EH standards

Footwear lines

  • Green Fit
  • Below Zero
  • Top Work
  • Ground
  • Sport & Work
  • Off Road
  • Jogging
  • Wellness
  • Women’s
  • Dress
  • Cofra-Tex

DIKE Safety Shoes

Dike is a young safety shoes and work clothes suppliers that has been around the industry for 10 years. Dike is an individual company managed and controlled by MMALBO Srl that is headquartered in Padua, Italy. Their corporate mission is “to create value and improve the well-being of workers by transforming the world of shoes and workwear in a safe, innovative, comfortable, ergonomic, ecological and pleasant way”.

Dike safety shoes have a high-density anti-perforation plate, made of innovative material and sewn to the upper. This ensures maximum protection against punctures by sharp objects like nails in construction sites or shards of glass on streets.

The special sole is melted inside for warmth and comfort as well as stability while walking at night or during bad weather conditions where there are patches of ice. They also contain an exclusive nylon reinforcement positioned near the heel area that provides strength and support when carrying heavy loads over long distances without compromising mobility.

With every step, the special cushioned insert restores energy with its unique anti-abrasion reinforcements and ultra-resistant aluminum toe cap. The lining eliminates odors during use due to an open-pore material that prevents bacteria from penetrating it.

Shoe Category

  • Primato
  • Lady D
  • Meteor
  • Digger
  • Raving
  • Agility
  • Brave
  • Glider
  • Summit
  • Cyclon
  • Reload

DIKE Homepage:



BASE Safety Shoes

If you are looking for safety shoes with comfort and on a high-tech end, you should consider getting Base safety footwear. The company is operating on a wide production plant having 3200 square feet equipped with a modern technological system. Base is capable of producing more than 450 safety work shoes per year.

They combine careful crafting into an innovative way of manufacturing to later result in high-quality made safety shoes that are perfect in every detail.

Base Shoe Catalogue

  • Classic
  • Classic Plus
  • Hygiene
  • Kaptiv
  • Miss Base
  • Planet
  • Platinum
  • Record
  • Smart
  • Smart Evo
  • Special


Base Catalogo:

Base World About Us:

Rock Fall Safety Shoes

Rock Fall is a multi-award-winning second-generation family-owned business. The company has placed itself at the forefront of the safety footwear industry through innovations that provide solutions to the changing demand of modern businesses.

Rock fall safety shoes always prioritize health and safety. As the technology advances as well as the fashion, Rock Fall safety shoes adapt whereas they give the both world of safety and stylish safety footwear to their customers.
The modern designs of Rock Fall safety shoes are highly desirable and comply with the strictest safety standards present.

Some of the Features and Benefits of Rock Fall Safety Shoes

  • Designed for all sectors
  • 100% non-metallic construction
  • Completely waterproof
  • Heat resistant sole
  • Maximum slip resistance
  • Wide widths
  • Metatarsal protection
  • Available in small sizes
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Fit for women

Safety Shoes Tech

  • 3M® Thinsulate Isolation
  • Boa® Fit system
  • Climate Technology of Sympatex®
  • FORCE10® Advanced Scuff Cap Technology
  • FORCE10® nitrile rubber sole
  • Sympatex® Moisture-Tech
  • R-ten ™ abrasion-resistant thread
  • Ortholite®
  • Zip YKK Extreme

Rock Fall Homepage:



STEEL BLUE Safety Shoes

Started in 1995, Steel Blue aims to be the best brand there is. Today, they are the biggest and the best brand of safety shoes that leads Australia’s market. They offer premium quality, safety, durability, and unmatched comfort. Off the back of being Australia’s leading safety boot supplier, Steel Blue has launched its products into the American Market.

Why Steel Blue is Different

  • Lighter composite toe cap
  • Endorsed by APA
  • Trisole multilayer sole with extremely effective cushioning and shock absorption
  • Use anti-chaff lining
  • Offer a 60-Day 100% Comfort Guarantee
  • Dedicate a range of boots to raise money for charities 
  • Work with a leading manufacturer to design industrial-grade zips for our Zip Sided boots

Blue Steel:


About Blue Steel:


These brands are some of the most popular and top-rated safety shoes brands. When you need a pair of safety shoes, it’s important to do your research before purchasing them.

By reading this article, you should now be able to make an informed decision when looking for your next pair of work boots or steel-toe shoes.

Always consult a reputable source like our site before making any decisions, and always keep in mind that comfort is the most important thing when it comes to choosing footwear.