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The Shoe Business is a leading supplier of shoe materials, shoemaking supplies, and shoe-making equipment. We supply the footwear industry with a comprehensive range of materials and components, from leather and laces to soles and stitching machines.
Leather, shoe lining, cambrella, insole board, toe puff counter, you name it, the Shoe Business supplies it.
We've been in the market for over 10 years, and our experience and expertise have made us the go-to supplier for shoe manufacturers all over the world.

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With years of experience supplying the footwear industry with the highest quality shoe materials, our team is highly trained.
This means that buying from us not only ensures you get your hands on some of the best shoe-making supplies around but also that any queries are handled by experts who know exactly what they're talking about.
We have a wide network of suppliers which in shoe-making supplies, we've built up a reputation as the most trusted supplier in the industry.

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If you're looking for high-quality shoe materials and components, then look no further than the Shoe Business. Contact us today for any questions or more information on our shoe-making supplies.